Software for Business

Our services

Bespoke software requirements vary from business to business, but we are here to help you develop the best solution for your needs and budget.

Our expertise focuses on four key areas:


The popularity and use of mobile apps has surged in recent years, and there seems to be an app for almost anything you can think of! We offer multi platform development services, so no matter what your requirements are, from iOS, Android, Windows to Web apps, we’ve got it covered. We can advise on what mobile devices and platforms will be most suitable for your business, how they integrate with any existing applications and systems you may have, right through to interface and experience design and testing.


Websites are an important aspect to consider for many businesses but it can be difficult to know what you really need and how to make it happen. Our expertise and experience can help ensure your website meets your business goals, whether it’s a small business site or fully functioning e-commerce site. SEO, Analytics and online marketing strategies are incorporated into all our websites as standard, enabling you to monitor performance and make changes when necessary.


At Majenka we like to make it simple for our clients, from registering domain names and DNS management to providing competitively priced hosting. You don’t need to go anywhere else! We use our own dedicated servers, which have proven to be fast, secure and reliable. If anything goes wrong, we have full control of fixing the issue with minimum down time.